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"Magic of Ice Cube on Skin"

Skin wants solution that is not only natural but also refreshing and effective. With the usage of ice cubes you can stay fresh and your skin looks healthy easily.


Make-up Base:

Before starting the make-up with foundation base, initially rub ice cube on your face. You will feel pleasantly refreshed even this thick (ice cube) will also reduce pore size and reduce the appearance of the fine lines or wrinkles on the face. It makes your skin very supple and ready for the perfect makeup application.

Lock Lipstick Color Easily:

When you are going to attend a wedding or going for all-night party, your wish is certainly want your lipstick appeared last through the night! Thus, you should try this easy trick. After you have applied your selected lipstick, run an ice cube over your lips that seal the color. This will definitely help your lipstick stay on for a very long time.

Reduces Puffiness of Eyes:

It's pretty obvious that if you had attended party all-night, then you will get swollen eyes. In order to reduce the appearance of puffiness in eyes, you should wrap it around a few ice cubes in cloth and hold it over your eyes. Stay that wrapped cloth for few minutes. Ice cube’s coldness helps to reduce eyes swelling and make you feel completely refresh.

Dry Nail Paint Quickly:

The main problem is that lots of ladies faced; when they apply nail paint at the last moment and do not have enough time to allow it to dry. Don’t panic, follow a simple tip is; simply fill a bowl with ice water and dip you fingers in such a cold water around 5 to 7 minutes. Coolness of water will seal your nail paint and speed up the drying process.

Pimple Free Skin:

If you got pimples at next morning and it seems you upset. Don’t worry, solution is easy and homely. Take a few ice cubes and wrap them in a cloth.  Apply the cloth to the eruption of about 10-12 minutes. This would neutralize blemishes, spots and reduces inflammation, swollen pores & redness.