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Revital H for Women 10 Tablets

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Revital H for Women 10 Tablets 

- Blend of vitamins, ginseng and minerals that help to meet the daily nutritional requirements of women.

- Balanced combination of 12 vitamins, 18 minerals and ginseng

- Provides energy and fights weakness and tiredness.

- Provide energy to women to stay mentally alert and physically active throughout the day.

- Perfect dietary supplement. 

- Keeps hair and skin healthy.

- Beneficial for women to get a glowing skin by preventing anti-ageing effects. Also, these help to boost immunity.

- Ideal for women above 18 years.

Provides calcium and iron for specific requirements of women.

- Keeps bones healthy and strong.

- Contains anti oxidants like biotion, zinc and selenium which helps in maintaining healthy and glowing skin and promote anti ageing.

- Daily health supplement specially formulated for women above 18 years of age.

Dosage: One Capsule a day with meal

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